Tension lift frames

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AME Tension Lift Frames, or TLFs, are a modular solution to Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) rig-up during completions, flow-back, well intervention and abandonment.

Available in both the 350 ton and 500 ton variants, the AME Tension Lift Frame system is comprised of an Upper Spreader Beam & Lower Spreader Beam along with a variety of modular and optional components. These include:

  • PCE work platform for safer access to PCE, for extended operations
  • 2x high-speed hydraulic hoists, complete with remote control panel and zone rated HPU- 5,000kg WLL (each) – 65 fpm (20m/min) max line speed
  • Various air-operated chain hoists
  • 12Te & 17Te hang off points on the Upper Spreader Beam for PCE rigging & hoists
  • Support table for simplified and safer rig-up
  • Dolly Guide Frame to laterally support the riser – in the event of loss of tension
  • Various sized collars to interface with different Surface Flowheads and risers
  • Anti-rotation Bracket for Surface Flowhead

AME Tension Lift Frames can be used with any type of PCE requiring greater clearance and access than standard elevators. The TLF allows a wide (up to 2m or 78”) working window between the elevator links (bails) for various PCE such as:

  • Slickline
  • E-Line
  • Wireline
  • Coiled Tubing
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