In Line String Compensator

Manufacturing of AME’s primary motion compensator system, Colossus, for the Chevron Gorgon Stage 2 drilling and completions campaign in 2020 through 2022, is complete!

AME has been contracted through Transocean to provide 2x primary motion compensators and Tension Lift Frames for the completions and well testing of the Gorgon Stage 2 wells onboard the Transocean Development Driller 1.

The primary motion compensation system is required during locked to bottom operations to solve ton-mile issues inherent in active heave draw works systems. Extended locked to bottom campaigns and high string loads can often exceed the allowable ton-miles for the draw works wire causing possible fatigue failure in the wire.

The system comprises of a 500ton primary motion compensator that is fully self-contained allowing minimal deck space for support equipment, as well as significantly reducing rigup time on critical path. The design also removes any requirement for high pressure & high flow gas lines in the derrick and external deck mounted accumulator banks.

The Colossus compensator connects to a modified 500ton AME Tension Lift Frame system to allow the required wireline operations for the completions and well testing.

The contract expands AME’s equipment fleet in the completions and well testing fields, providing Tension Lift Frames, Backup Motion Compensators (Super Bails) and now Primary Motion Compensators (Colossus).


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