Other Products

Automatic cold cut saws

Various surface and subsea units available for purchase or rental.

Backloading systems

For reliable backloading of large and awkward loads with minimum risk to deck personnel.

BOP guide funnels

Modification and replacement guide funnels specific to campaign requirements.

Break-away couplings

Certified and calibrated break away couplings for use as a weak links for overload protection - fatigue resistant, surface or subsea.

Christmas tree transportation skids

XT transport and running skids. Safer handling, road and vessel transportation. Increased tree protection. Also; EDP, LRP, LMRP & THD.

Conductor tensioner decks

Standard and bespoke multi-slot CT Decks (Texas Decks) for jack-ups.

CVC tilt table

Tilt tables and hang-offs for safe, efficient handling of goose necks and Cameron Vertical Connectors.


General and project specific davits.

Dolly guide frame

Dolly track mounted guide frame to increase stability of completions & well test spreads in the derrick.

Equipment lifting baskets

Including both modified offshore containers and bespoke baskets for everything from general equipment to specialist oilfield tools.

Deck extensions

Permanent or temporary deck extensions for all fixed and floating offshore platforms and vessels. Installation without disruption to production activities.


Fairleads of any size to suit wire or fibre ropes, umbilicals or hoses.

Finger boards

Modifications, upgrades and replacement fingerboards to suit your requirements, including storm barriers.

Flexible lay systems

Flexible lay systems, including tensioner support frame and flexible laying aides.

Flowline deck deflectors

Deck deflectors and turning bollards for flowline and umbilical deployment.

Hose reels

Various hose reels including grouting hoses, hydrotesting hoses and flooding hoses, both pneumatic and hydraulically driven.

HPU enclosures

Offshore lift certified frames and containers, including HPU design and manufacture if required.

Jumper & ROV baskets

Jumper deployment frames and baskets, as well as various susbsea and ROV baskets.

Jumper reel turntables

Jumper reels and carousels, hydraulic or pneumatic.

Layover arches

Layover arches and banana sheaves in various sizes available for purchase or rent.

Lifting subs

Lifting subs & crossover subs available at short notice for many applications.

Mezzanine decks

Rig and vessel mezzanine decks for equipment storage, ROV spreads, and container landing areas.

Moonpool platforms

Safe simple folding moonpool access platforms.

Moonpool skidding systems

Rig specific or modular systems to suit various masses and moonpools.


Mudmats to suit many applications, including everything from temporary XT storage to permanent substructures.

POD hose reels

Pneumatic and hydraulic POD hose reels. Size and control system available to your requirements.

Quick release seafastening clamps

Reduce time and manual handling risks with quick release hold down clamps.

Retractable BOP test stumps

Retrofittable hydraulic test stumps in a variety of sizes and configurations.

ROV decks

Rig and vessel ROV decks and platforms for temporary or permanent installation of ROV spreads.

ROV LARS systems

From basic installation services to full LARS system design & supply.

Seafastening grillages

Proven safe and efficient modular seafastening grillage systems.

Sheave blocks

Sheave blocks and snatch blocks available to suit your requirements, including fixed frames, flag blocks, single and multi-reeved.

Spreader bars

Spreader beams of all shapes, sizes and capacities. From subsea tree deployment to flowline reel transfers.

Vessel wing deck

General or campaign specific extensions to vessel decks.

Winch bases

5T to 200T and beyond, including rig or vessel structural analysis if required.

Well head fatigue mitigation systems

BOP tether style systems available for rental or purchase.

Winch platforms - guidewire winches

For guidewire and utility winch packages.

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