Jumper Carousel

AME were engaged by Acergy group to design and fabricate a modular powered carousel to unload subsea jumper lines from horizontal storage reels during deployment, for the installation of subsea assets in BHP’s Pyrenees field.

Project Profile:

Acergy Group
Pyrenees Field, WA
September 2009
Project Duration:
22 days

Project Summary:

The modular powered carousel is able to handle various jumper reels and rotate them, to facilitate controlled offloading. A support chute was included in the package to support the jumper during the offloading operation.

The drive system consists of a pneumatic motor,fail-safe brake, gear reducer and pinion driving an internally geared slewing bearing. This robust system is safe, simple and easy to maintain in the field.

Multiple reels with varied masses can be stored on the turntable and easily seafastened for transportation. The turntable is also able to fit inside an open topped container for easy infield mobilisation.

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