Pipe Work Renewal

AME was engaged by Diamond Offshore Drilling to replace pipe work for the MODU Ocean Patriot, as part of its 5-year survey.

Project Profile:

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
Portland, Victoria
August 2007 - February 2008 (installation - 42 days)
Installation Crew:

Project Summary:

AME’s design, project management and preparatory works included:

  • Drafting of rig piping drawings to generate design baseline
  • Optimisation of pipe work layout to better facilitate access to the valves, pumps and strainers for maintenance
  • Generation of fabrication drawings
  • Provision of pre-fabricated pipe spools, installation materials and consumables

During the installation phase, access ways were cut into the hull above each propulsion room and temporary davit cranes were used to remove and install large pipe spools and valves.

This method, used in conjunction with a dumb barge and AME’s workboat, allowed the work to be completed safely and independently of other rig and maintenance activities.

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