Retractable Test Stump Platform

Diamond Offshore’s drilling program for the Mutineer-Exeter development required the installation of a retractable test stump to accommodate modifications made to the Ocean Epoch’s BOP.

Project Profile:

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
Ocean Epoch, on-site NW shelf
June - August 2004
Project Duration:
44 days design and fabrication, 14 days installation
Crew Size:

Project Summary:

The location of the platform beneath the cellar deck of the rig presented unique installation difficulties. These where overcome by AME’s early input in the design process and innovative installation methodology.

The platform was fabricated in discrete units which where then passed through a slot cut in the deck, and installed from static rigging.

Scaffolding was suspended below decks to create safe working areas for the AME installation team.

Project management was performed in-house by AME, thus ensuring the timely and efficient coordination of all activities, from the design through to final installation.

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